A chat with God…

I found the funniest chat application which is a great way to waste fifteen minutes… “No I wasn’t on it for an hour, how could you say that? Ridiculous!” 🙂

Basically it’s an artificial intelligence that you can have a conversation with. Well, I wanted to chat to him about Germany and gambling, but he got us kind of side tracked.

Just between you and me, it isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Check out a sample of our conversation below.

Me:  Hi God, what di you know about Berlin and Beyond?

God: Hi there.  I am a Christian.

Me:  Good to know! Do you like Berlin?

God: Thanks for the compliment.  I will try to explain it to you. Someone said they like guns. I really like the Christianity faith.

Me:  I don’t think Berliners are crazy about either guns or Christianity

God:: And why not?

Me:  Guns kill people and come to think of it, so do you, God

God:: I believe in the Right to Bear Arms.

Me:  But you can just strike people down with lightning bolts!

God:: No I don’t think I can do  it.

Me:  I’ve heard of you doing that before. Was that just a rumor?

God:: But you don’t know much about  it?  ” But you don’t know much about it?”?  Was it  just a rumor?

Me:  I don’t know! I’ve never seen someone struck by lighting with my own eyes. But there are books and news reports. If I can’t trust them, how  can I know anything?

God:: Me either. Look for it at the video store. Where are they?   Try it.

Me:  There’s no “lightning strike” section, I’ll admit…

God:: Why not?

Me:  … because lightning strikes are a myth?

God:: That makes sense to me. All of them?

Me:  Well I’ve seen lightning in the clouds and strike the ground

God:: How about that.  What did it look like to you?

Me:  Um… shiny and bright and kind of jagged

God:: It’s all good.   Can we get back to business?

We never did get back to business because he is tripping on something and he wouldn’t share.

So if you’re having a crisis of faith, I suggest either flipping a coin or rolling some dice around a Craps table rather than chatting to iGod!

Guest post by Jessica Cheng Promotion Manager 777 Dragon Casino