A Must Read For Berlin Bound Tourists: Berlin in a Nutshell

Berlin is such a mix of exotic and fun cultures that you can enjoy. And, it also happens to be one of the oldest cities in the world. Therefore, there are a lot of fun things that you will get to do in the city. Additionally, it is the best place that you can go to catch up on your history lessons.

The good thing about putting Berlin on the map of your travel goals is that you will have a lot of things to partake in. Meaning, the fun is just not one sided. And, according to travel analysts it also brings out the best picture effects. So, start packing now and do not forget to put that camera in your bag too.

This article is going to be giving you some of the most beautiful places that you can visit in Berlin. Therefore, this article is the ultimate go to guide for where all the fun is in Berlin.

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The Reichstag

This is one of the most historical landmarks in the world. Not forgetting the fact that a lot of historical events happened at this sight. And, that might be because this is the German Parliament. Therefore, be prepared to get your cameras rolling for where all the 20th Century action took place.

Founded back in 1893, the Reichstag was in 1933 burnt down and left in ruins. But, rebuilding project was put in place and therefore it got back to life. Therefore, it comes with so many more modern improvements which makes it much more fierce and beautiful than before.

The Brandenburg Gate

Nothing tops the beauty of the Brandenburg gate, which makes it the perfect site for all the perfect Berlin you will need for your photo album. Also, it will take you back to the historic events of the World War 2. There are also some UK slots online based on the Brandenburg Gate which clearly shows how important this gate is for our history.

The gate was constructed by King Frederick William the 2nd back in the 1790s. And, initially the gates had been built for defense purposes. And, you can also get to enjoy a beautiful chariot ride on top of the wall that will give you a better touring experience.


If you are not a big fan of museums, then you can get to enjoy the beautiful park in Tiergarten. This will be the ideal place to just sit down with your family and sum up the events of the day. The best part is it is near the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gates.

Additionally, if you want, you can also take a boat ride to in the Landawehr canal which is yet another beautiful and picture perfect site.

Neues Museum

From this site, you get to witness the historical bust of Queen Nerfertiti. Other than that, you can also get to see the famous ancient Rome and Greece monuments. And, if you love Egypt, you will also get to. Many online casinos America or rather say online casinos in America are inspired by the beauty of Neues Museum. Their background colours resonate well with ones of the meseum.