The German Technology Exhibition

The technology exhibition held in Berlin each year is the biggest technology exhibition throughout the world. This exhibition is also known as the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA).

Each year, exhibitors display their range of technological appliances on a display area. These appliances are viewed by the general public. There is an attendance each year of about 240 000 people. From consumer electronics to home appliances, there is a wide range of technological appliances.  Essentially, The IFA showcases technological innovations. The IFA is a sales platform and provides businesses the opportunity to promote their latest technological products. The IFA also offers a platform for people to network. Journalists from all over the world attend, to report on these latest technological innovations.

The IFA is one of the oldest exhibitions in Germany and today has become the world’s leading trade show for technological appliances.


History of the IFA

 The roots of the IFA can be traced back to 1931, where Manfred Von Ardenne (a German physicist and inventor) gave a public demonstration of a television system. During 1933 the first radio was designed and it was displayed at the IFA. More then 100 000 units were sold at a fixed price. These radios played an important role in Germany and were mainly used as a tool for propaganda and entertainment. In 1935, the first audio tape recorder was displayed. In 1939 the first television set was designed and introduced (that was affordable to everyone)

Nowadays, the IFA has become a world-wide phenomenon, as approximately a quarter of a million people throughout the world fly or travel to Berlin to attend this prestigious event. Businesses display all their latest technological innovations from consumer electronics to house-hold appliances.