• Berlin Wall: As a result of the fighting that took place in Germany during World War II, only some of the Berlin Wall remains. However it is still a common tourist site and forms an integral part of Germany’s history. The wall was initially erected on the 13th of August 1931 by the German Democratic Republic, for the purpose of separating West Berlin from East Berlin. The wall consisted of guard towers along the concrete wall. The wall was built to protect its population from fascist elements conspiring to build a socialist state in East Germany.


  • The Fernsehturm: This television tower is located in the city of Berlin and was built between 1965 to 1969. The tower is easily visible throughout the central and some of the southern districts of Berlin. The tower is approximately 370 meters, making it the tallest structure in Germany. The tower was originally 365 meters but due to the installation of new antenna, it rose about another 200 feet in the 1990’s. It is the fourth tallest free-standing structure in Europe. There is an elegant revolving restaurant in the middle of the sphere.


  • Brandenburg Gate: Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate has become a symbol of unification for Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate is a former city gate that was rebuilt in the late 18th century and has now become one of the best-known landmarks in Germany. It is located west of the city center. After suffering considerable damage during World War Two the Brandenburg Gate was fully restored from the year 2000 to 2002. It also appears on some of the German Euro coins.


  • Museumsinsel: The museum Island consists of half of a northern island in the Spree river in Berlin. It consists of five international historically significant museums. From sculpture collections to historic art, you will find everything you want (of a historical nature) at any one of the five museums located on the island.


  • Nightlife and festivals: Berlin’s night life and festivals are one of the most vibrant and diverse of its kind in Europe. Clubs need not necessarily close at a fixed time and parties last well into the morning or even all weekend. A popular night club you should consider visiting is Week-End- Here you will find magnificent views over the city. This is a stylish and sophisticated club typically for younger-aged people. There is also a stylish roof bar.


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