Casino UK Launches Exciting Slots Tournaments

Popular online casino, Casino UK is offering a range of exiting slots tournaments from which gamblers can choose. Those interested can choose from one of several slots tournaments; price totals will vary, as do playing days and times.

Scheduled slots games include:

  • Reloader, with a value of $1,000. Buy-in is $5, with 50 re-buys at $1 each;
  • Extender, with a $1,000 value. The buy-in is $3, with 8 re-buys for $3. Four add-ons at $3 each.
  • Survivor, with a $300 value. Elimination takes place every round. The buy-in is $12, with 8 re-buys at $7.50 and 4 add-ons at $5.

Moving into the higher-value games, Midweek Moolah pays out $10,000. Buy-in for this game is $15.

Weekend Whopper also pays $10,000. Buy-in is $15, with 5 re-buys permitted at $15 and 5 add-ons at $10.

Play the Accumulator for a value of $8,820. Buy-in is only $1; you are allowed unlimited re-buys at $1 and add-ons are 4 for $1.

Monthly Monster has a value of $25,000, making it a very attractive game. Player buy-in is $25.00, with 10 re-buys at $25. Buyers are permitted 5 add-ons at $15.

Freeroll Slots games are played monthly, with each game coming with a guaranteed $10,000 prize. Entry into each Freeroll Slots game is free for all Casino UK members.

Casino UK

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